Inaugural Meeting of the Hills Cookbook Club 

Inaugural Meeting of the Hills Cookbook Club 

We are growing!  

We are growing!  

About us.

The Hills Cookbook Club is a creative twist on traditional book clubs centered in Sunset Hill and Mission Hills. The objective is to bring together friends and neighbors in our homes to share our mutual love of food, drink and learning.


  1. Create a cohesive group of members who share our passion for food and drinks.

  2. Discover new recipes, chefs, foods, cultures, etc. through cookbooks.

  3. Meet on a regular basis to share these experiences.


The Hills Cookbook Club is a group of people who enjoy food, cooking, learning and sharing based around a central topic. Each meeting is hosted in a member’s home and our goal is to meet at least 8-10 times a year.  

Members are responsible for finding and obtaining the proper cookbooks for each month’s theme.  Depending on the month, the theme may be a specific cookbook, any cookbook by a particular author, a cookbook from a certain source (ex. Junior League Cookbooks) or cookbooks about a particular ethnic cuisine.  We encourage members to share among their personal collections and check out public library resources as well as recipes on the internet.  

Each member chooses a dish or drink to prepare for the meeting from the theme. A Google shared spreadsheet is open to members to post what they are bringing so we have a wide variety of offerings without duplication.  

The monthly Host is responsible for providing a kitchen for the meeting, the theme, and a signature cocktail.